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No Vengeance

by Sama Dams

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I don't want Out The morning comes I don't want Out A month away To be a better man I don't want To live without A month away To be a better man I don't want To be
Howl, Part of me is begging you to guess The moment cuts the dead leaves Swollen dirt under kept grass How bout the park trails? Distill the fog round fluorescent glow The corners turn to shapeless And strike hard just like an arrow Headlights flit past, creases sag Weighted in at the lids I know you're awake Cause I'm still awake I wore this for you Crawled to grace when I'd always run The earth spins out beneath my feet Drags me back to where I come from What makes the lines shake? Pull back to dark - lattice, motion, to light the street The heat crowds packed in skyline And the city's out to get me Labyrinths melt, purging the self Shadows rush, heavy tare of the bike You chased it away, I go hungry tonight I'm given life, mine only to upend No vengeance, kind, serves only to amend Valence shells hum, Cracked by forced of the hand, the skin of the paw You're still the love bug, Brings me down to my knees and burns the skin raw Get a load of this you sucker You think you feel the call? I know I'm alive, Cause I feel it all I am no dog Don't build me up to starve me down again I see you waste your life down to the end You grind down your canines at night Spit dust to soften the bite Full up on suburban spite for yourself Lock tight your eyes Pictures bear the mind snapped at the neck Ground is soft where I lay my head I sleep with trash under your deck
Navy Boy 03:55
That isn't me, I'd have bought the wrinkles around my eyes Paid the way, Drew the finest line that belies apology Look down, navy boy Walk the cheap tile laid on the floor Did I leave my boots in the old Victorian? I did my best To relive all my best thoughts with you at home In the way Though I'm never content on the phone, despite the mess I won't turn away I see too much of him in myself To perish the name Beat back standing waves
Coming down a smile upon Stuck up right - feed your stupid mouth The dead in mind to bend at burial Boarded up like a home that's waiting for a storm to break Hurricane in blowing Better instincts got us in their way Our pavane will take us to the day Pretty ghosts of animals I could die, but I want to talk You're coming down swinging a cache of scripts Colored right in the dark Her body's downy soft, her hands are cold Cold and shaking Suddenly I don't know who it's for No one ever held open the door And day is done
Figures 03:26
I want to take you into my heart The fallen all have a reasons to die away Until we find a way And so figures would rip my poor soul apart As I watch the turning of seasons: Fall brings the tyranny, the burning hope Spring sees my bitter heart attempt to cope For once in my life, Could I see some kind of conclusion For once in my life could I start again? I've gorged myself on the priceless hours On precious time to consider Some bodies never break and never burn My body's broken but it's quick to learn I want to take you into my heart The fallen all have a reasons to die away Until we find a way For once in my life, Could I see some kind of conclusion For once in my life could I start again? It's here in my mind Surrounded by bars of yesterday's prisons So take hold my hand
Don't tell me its an argument Its something about the dust on your breath The corner of the room with cluttered words unswept And hid under the mat No go says eyes dead on the floor From nowhere, like its been braced for a smack I never left the whites around your words until I saw you look back I can't follow that I was stopped there in the garden dirt It sunk in under the crab apple tree The banners of the fall dropped round between A state of ease and me Cold borders raked my open hands I bought in - calloused by half and hour wait I am the man who would damn himself forever If one finger breaks I've made my mistakes, half-assed consummate Golden only not A peak inside your pretty little head Did we connect? Did we connect? Love of the Father! My baby's growing up and giving away Don't say its a word Rips you upward Into its open maw It gets what it wanted all along No part of the flesh left on the bone No marrow no sinew no song Just a hand on the back a kiss on the mouth Your helpless goodbyes are scaring them off I'm counting the nights, I'm counting aloud 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 enough
Any chance of giving up? Your hard luck is in Let them hold your hand in the paper To cross up your hearts - and hope to win I'm dry I'm drying up the rain But the watershed won't bow to my praying hands And God lives in these sands Gone are the days The capitals are falling They held on for so long But nobody ever caught on I can't guarantee my protection I'm up all night with coffee and tea without you Your out there making connection And from the heights the piper is slayed The firebrand waved I write I write to ease your pain But the sweat will stain the cracks in my withered hands Until I understand at all Where have they gone And what it all for nothing? The lock's shot from your door They got you pinned to the floor Gone are the days But all is not forgotten We held on for so long But nobody ever caught on The fires burn on the lawn The capitals will fall The capitals will fall The capitals will fall Open the door and let yourself in She smiles despite the mess we're all in We all know better now Hear it all stop and start up again Wash yourself down in the eyes of a friend We all know better now (Come back to me) We all know better now (Come back to me) Where will you go? Dragging through what you hate most Blind bastard son covenant You crawl over gravel roads There's no more ways to run You should know when you're wrong You've been alone far too long
Workhorse I'm being honest It pains me to wait I see you wrestle it down To collect what's left of your wage Barely an artist There's no time to breathe Just coming and going, never ends to the means You said you wanted to understand Upon the light eternal Come pealing out the words Round the bit you carry home to me And I know you wanted better, but Now beneath the silence My sound is stricken dumb I see the moment metastasize And become and hour And on from there it went Burning a hole somewhere deep inside my diaphragm My lungs could burst open I still cling to your reasons Pull up the rocks from your fields And clear out the path to lead you back home every night Where pardoned eyes and arms wait to hold you Hold you until your will is broken I'm broken for your love (Or am I stranger still inside?) The sweat is so thick that I can taste it The truth is I'm in love With a warrior returned I couldn't have done better You're haunted by my stupid smile I will work inside your dreams for life Alright, just give me a minute A little word for you: Don't let me stand out in the dark Don't leave me standing in the dark


"Sama Dams is a band who, despite your go-to thought, is not named after the former mayor of this city. A different guy named Sam Adams is the central singer and guitarist of the band, which started as a solo project and has evolved into a multi-faceted, highly textured, and intricate sound, reminiscent of Radiohead and Dirty Projectors. The addition of Lisa Adams (keys, vocals) and Chris Hermsen (drums), combined with Sam's cathartic vocals—which range from slight whispers to skewed, surprising tonal yelps—never cease to bring the audience to a moment of awe and appreciation of their experimental, ghostly compositions."
Rachel Milbauer, in the Portland Mercury


released March 26, 2013

written and arranged by Sama Dams
produced by Sebastian Rogers for PV:PDX

mixed by Tony Lash
engineered by Ian Watts, assisted by Blake Jefferson
recorded on February 10th & 11th, 2013
at the Magic Closet in Portland, OR
inside photos by Todd Walberg
visit www.sama-dams.com


all rights reserved



Sama Dams Portland, Oregon

Sam Adams
Lisa Adams
Micah Hummel
Chris Hermsen

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