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Sama Dams has always been formed by love and loneliness, and brought up on dead ends, second guesses, forgiveness, and devotion. We'd love to share more of ourselves with you all: all the snapshots, demos, loops, poems, and keepsakes that I found myself returning to a lot over the past couple years. We're always still making, but as Lisa and I raise our first child, we've been looking for ways to keep alive our decade-long musical love, and broaden the canvas to allow more room to play. Always at Home has been on my mind for a while, but now seems like the right time to open up the door. This subscription is for us as much as it is for you - I can't wait to invite you all in to this little experiment.

Subscribers will have access to our entire back catalogue of releases, and twice-monthly dips into our vault of recordings, ranging from cell phone demos to polished home-studio efforts. We'll also give y'all a glimpse into what we're currently working on - live recordings/videos, photos from recordings sessions, art prints/postcards, and endless slices of life - as well as previews of future studio releases down the line.

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